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What Is Origami?

Origami Lion

What is origami?

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper. Origami can transform a single sheet of paper into all sorts of amazing objects. Traditionally origami is made from a single square sheet of paper and does not require any cutting or gluing. While modern origami has departed from these strict rules a bit, the vast majority of origami still conform to these simple rules.

Our Mission

To create an origami website where origami folders of all experience levels can come to learn how to fold origami, get design ideas, and/or grow their own origami abilities.

Can I fold origami, it looks too hard?

Origami StarOrigami YodaOf course you can! Despite the apparent complexity of some of the origami that is presented on this webpage, you too can start exploring the wonderful world of origami. Experts and novice folders alike will find something of use. Each origami model presented here has been classified based upon it's apparent complexity, so you can find the origami that is just right for you.  If something is currently a little hard for you  ... keep folding, and before long you will be able to fold even the most intricate of origami.

From the simplest origami to the incredibly complex, we know you will find something that is right for you. Happy folding!